Chemistry Lab

The science faculty of APS Jhansi is blessed with a fully coordinated lab facility which helps the students to support them in their inquisitive motives to explore the various scientific phenomenons.

The chemistry lab is spacious enough to accommodate nearly 30 students at a time with sufficient working space. The lab has a fume cupboard and all the equipments that support the students’ need for carrying out the project works prescribed by the CBSE for senior classes. Each student is provided with adequate space to work independently in the lab.

The budding scientists of the school get opportunity to observe and perform various activities under the proper guidance of their teachers. The CCE has in fact given more chances for the students to explore the facts around them on a scientific basis for which this lab plays a vital role. The Science Club is very effectively supported by the chemistry lab to perform various activities that are quite fascinating and motivating for the students. The lab caters to the needs of the students from primary to senior secondary classes.